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"I have never before been so excited to release a deck of playing cards to the world - this is a quantum leap in the possibilities of card magic and mentalism."...

"I have never before been so excited to release a deck of playing cards to the world - this is a quantum leap in the possibilities of card magic and mentalism." Drummond Money-Coutts.



Imagine taking your existing card magic and reinventing it, injecting it with more personality, more intimacy, more excitement. Creating presentations of pure magic that will engage and amaze your audiences in ways simply not possible with a traditional deck. After 3 years of work we are finally proud to announce the new DMC ALPHAS deck - a beautiful premium alphabet deck using our unique Optical Marking System designed from the ground up to unlock incredible new avenues of magic.


Poker sized, printed by USPCC on their premium stock, but with 52 letter cards instead of the traditional card faces, the deck allows you to perform magic that will connect with your audiences in new and powerful ways. Modern audiences enjoy card magic but increasingly the actual cards themselves are stripped of the interest and relatability they once had. It is asking a lot to expect audiences that are unable to name the four suits, or to know how many cards in a deck, to be as deeply impressed by dealing a royal flush from a shuffled deck as they should be. Picture instead dealing their name from a shuffled deck. Picture finding not just a random card they have chosen but their initials. Having them secretly pocket the letters that make up a city they have always dreamt of visiting and being able to whisper it into their ear. 


The new DMC ALPHAS deck allows you to conjure your magic using concepts, words, names and ideas that are immediately resonant to your audiences, that they relate to and understand in a way that they simply don't with a traditional deck.


We have been working on the ALPHAS for a long time, hand making prototypes to understand and resolve technical issues and work out ways to use and employ the deck, having samples fabricated to start using them in live performances - we have ironed out the kinks and created what we think is the ultimate, a new paradigm for card magic. DMC himself now uses the ALPHAS deck at every posisble event, even featuring it in his Netflix series Death By Magic.


The ALPHAS requires such a new approach that we wanted to give all our preorder customers a head start so we are going to be shipping EVERY preorder with a FREE copy of our Passport to ALPHAS, a 40 page mini book that runs through the features of the deck and details a plethora of hard hitting professional grade effects using the ALPHAS that will leave your audiences amazed and powerfully baffled. This offer is only available during the preorder period and the normal price of the Passport will be £15. You do not need to select anything else during ordering, this will be automatically added.


The decks will be shipping LATE JANUARY and all preorders will be completed as a matter of priority.



This is a PREORDER only, orders containing this product will not ship until LATE JANUARY. As soon as we have the exact date you will be notified by email. Each preorder will receive 1 passport - if you order a brick you will receive a single passport.